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Eastern Red Cedar - 2 year old, 5-10" Seedlings

Eastern Red Cedar - 2 year old, 5-10" Seedlings

Eastern Red Cedar

Juniperus Virginiana

The Eastern Red Cedar is an iron man when it comes to trees.  If you have a tough spot to fill, this is your tree.  This cedar will grow just about anywhere, even in those bottom land and low lying areas of your property.  Its dense, blue-green and somewhat prickly foliage is a natural harbor for many types of birds and is deer proof.  The Eastern Red Cedar turns a purplish color in autumn and its berries stay on as a food source for many different birds and small mammals.

Zones 2 to 9
Soil Type Clay, Loamy & Sandy soils
Mature Height & Width 40-50' Height and 8-20' Spread
Growth Rate Moderate - 12-24" per year on average
Site Selection Full Sun to Part Shade
Moisture Requirements Drier to wetter soil types
Base Price: $3.59
Quantity Price Each
6-11 Items $3.29
12-24 Items $2.17
25-49 Items $1.87
50-99 Items $1.24
100-249 Items $1.12
250-499 Items $0.81
500-999 Items $0.68
1000+ Items $0.62

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The Eastern Red Cedar is also sometimes called the Eastern Juniper, Red Juniper or the Pencil Cedar.

The Eastern Red Cedar is quite the utility tree.  Plant this tree just about anywhere and it will thrive as long as there is a fair amount of sun.  This selection is heat, drought and salt tolerant so it can be used in natural or urban areas successfully. 

The Eastern Red Cedar is about as deer proof as they come so it is a great choice for those areas with heavy deer populations.  The dense foliage is used for roosting and nesting cover by many types of game birds, songbirds and several types of raptors.

Common uses for the Eastern Red Cedar:

  • Evergreen for almost any soil type or moisture situation
  • Excellent shelter for game birds, deer and many songbirds
  • Privacy screen or living fence
  • Naturalizing fields, old fence rows and river or stream banks
  • Reddish colored and naturally rot resistant lumber

The Eastern Red Cedar serves as a food and shelter source to many birds and mammals.  The berry like cones are eaten by many game birds and songbirds such as the Cedar Waswing which was named after the tree.  Game birds that look to this cedar for food and shelter include the Ruffed Grouse, the Bobwhite Quail and Wild Turkeys.  Birds that use the Eastern Red Cedar for food or nesting cover include the Cooper's Hawk, Blue Jay, Robin, Northern Mockingbird as well as some warblers and sparrows.  The dense cover also makes it a roosting hangout for many other birds including owls.  The berry like seed cones are also eaten by the Gray Fox, Black Bear and the Eastern Chipmunk.  White Tailed Deer will sometimes browse on the leaves and twigs of this cedar.

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