How should I space my trees and shrubs?

Spacing tips:

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to spacing as it depends on the purpose of your project.  We have compiled a small list of considerations below for you to think about when you plan your planting project.

  • When planting conifers for privacy, consider planting them in two to three staggered rows of trees.  Not only will the privacy screen fill in faster, but staggered rows will give you privacy from every angle with little or no open spaces.  Space the trees every 8 to 10 feet and space the rows the same.  In time you will have a living wall that gives you the privacy you want.
  • For commercial operations remember that someday you will need to run equipment in and around the trees.
  • The number of trees per acre will depend on how far apart you want to plant them.  This accounts for space between trees and space between rows of trees.  Here are a few spacing guidelines listed by the number of feet between seedlings: 5×5 spacing = 1,742 trees per acre, 8×8 spacing = 681 trees per acre, 10×10 spacing = 436 trees per acre, 12×12 spacing = 303 trees per acre, 15×15 spacing = 194 trees per acre.  The purpose of your project will dictate your spacing.  Planting a thicket or a privacy hedge will use much closer spacing than simply mixing trees or shrubs in for a wildlife food source.
  • Think about the tree or shrub as a mature specimen when you are planting.  The seedling you are planting may seem small now, but it is sure to grow into something large and magnificent.  In each description we provide details about the mature height and width of the tree or shrub.  If the mature width says 20 feet and you plant several of those trees with 20 foot spacing, they will eventually touch someday at their widest point.  Most people will plant the trees closer than the mature width for faster and greater coverage.
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