Will my seedlings be the size you advertise?

With each tree or shrub seedling listed, you will also see a size range.  For instance, the size range may read 6-12″ or 12-24″, etc.  Please understand that based on a variety of growing and seasonal weather conditions, there will be variations in size from year to year.  Some species flourish in hot sunny weather while others will gain height and fullness in cooler weather or when seasonal precipitation is heavier.

Due to these factors, you could order a tree in the 12-24″ range two years in a row and receive mostly 12-15″ trees one year and 20-24″ trees the next.  Catalogs are printed and website details are completed each year before the growing season is finished.  We do our best to estimate the size range of the trees but give ourselves leeway by using size range.  Sizes are measured from the roots to the tip of the tree or shrub.  If you ever receive trees or shrubs outside of of the size range listed, please Contact Us so we can work with you to resolve the matter.

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