Tree Farms, Forestry Companies and Government Agencies

Tree Farms, Forestry Companies and Government Agencies 2017-09-01T12:20:33+00:00

Chief River Nursery is ready to help you with your mid to large size project.  With several discount tiers, you can greatly benefit from reduced pricing when you order increased quantities.  Whether you are a tree farm operation that requires 500+ Fraser Fir transplants for future harvest, a forestry company that requires 10,000+ White Pine seedlings, or a government agency that needs tens of thousands of various trees for multiple planting projects, we are ready to help you.  In fact, many large governmental agencies use our nursery each year for their planting assignments including D.O.T. landscaping projects, Land Conservation Districts which resell the seedlings to the public and many different Dept. of Natural Resources planting programs.

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Why choose Chief River Nursery?

  • Wide selection of conifer, hardwood and shrub seedlings for your planting needs.
    • Conifers include Pine, Spruce, Fir, Hemlock, Cedar, Tamarack and Larch.
    • Hardwoods include Oak, Maple, Birch, Walnut, Hickory, Poplar and many more.
    • Shrubs include Hazelnut, Dogwood, Elderberry, Highbush Cranberry and many more.
  • Healthy and viable stock that comes with a guarantee
    • Stock is guaranteed to leaf or bud out with proper planting and care.
    • Multiple sizes on most hardwoods and shrub seedlings.
    • Seedlings and transplants available on most of our conifers.
  • State of the art cold storage warehouse with over 22,000 cubic feet of storage capability.
    • Seedlings kept dormant and fresh until you are ready to receive them.
    • Our seedlings are available for a larger planting window than many nurseries.
    • Pick up your seedlings at our facility or have them shipped directly to you.
  • Several discount tiers and pricing incentives.
    • Greatly reduced pricing when ordering quantities of over 500 or 1000+ seedlings.
    • All orders over $150 receive a 10% discount in addition to quantity discounts.
    • Low shipping rates help you put more money in your pocket.
  • Multiple ways to get your seedlings in hand.
    • Low shipping rates, just 15% of order total even on transplants.
    • Most orders shipped by FedEx so you receive your seedlings very quickly.
    • Freight shipping used on larger orders which keeps costs down.
    • Pick up your order at our facility.  Get them exactly when you want and avoid shipping charges.
    • Chief River Nursery Courier Service available directly to your location or job site.